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SENSOTEC GmbH is a company with history. The company was founded in 1989 for special customer-oriented solutions. The know-how, which has been growing for more than 30 years, continues to be integrated into new innovative SENSOTEC products. In the beginning the company was in the business areas of automation technology and industrial electronics. At a very early stage, contacts were made with the graphic arts industry. SENSOTEC GmbH received one of the first major development orders from Tetrapak©. Only a few months later, the first and special order from Gallus came in with the task of determining the position of low-contrast register marks with high resolution. SENSOTEC has managed to offer an effective solution and thus cross the starting line for register control. In 1990, scanning modules developed by SENSOTEC for reading register marks were put into serial use for ex-works equipment. A few years later, the development of a control station followed in order to be able to offer a self-sufficient register control system. Even then, this control console was already very advanced and could be operated by touch.

The basic philosophy behind it exists right up to the current day:

  •     The best reading characteristics of extremely weak contrasts
  •     Control of the register as fast as the machine permits
  •     User-friendly handling


We remain true to ourselves and so do our customers. The register control of SENSOTEC is 100% Made in Germany. That's how it has been since 1990, and today. In the meantime, we have equipped more than 1000 machines worldwide with a SENSOTEC register control system.


Over the past 30 years, SENSOTEC register controls have saved over 500 million running meters of waste paper and 16 million kilowatt hours of electrical energy. This motivates us for even more.



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