The SENSOTEC performance bond
The SENSOTEC register control - your performance plus in label printing


The SENSOTEC register control is especially used on label printing machines in all over the world and has proven itself in daily use for more than 25 years. Through continuous further development, extraordinary optical sensor properties, fastest microelectronics and a unique algorithm, innovative systems are created which increase the efficiency of label printing enormously. Despite the complex systems, operation remains easy and intuitive. A highly sensitive detection reliability of the register marks, even with low-contrast colours, makes it possible to reduce waste to a minimum under all production conditions. The SENSOTEC register control is quickly paid off for you. Well-known machine manufacturers equip their label printing machines ex works with a SENSOTEC register control system. A large number of machine types can be upgraded

Efficient, innovative, eco-friendly.

  •     New, improved scanner head
  •     Low energy consumption due to modern components
  •     Longest lifetime thanks to new LED technology
  •     Future-proof interfaces
  •     Easy and intuitive handling
  •     Digital, adaptive control
  •     Permanent self-diagnosis
  •     Digital processing of signals
  •     Precise detection of low-contrast register marks
  •     Best print result


    Extraordinary optical sensor characteristics


    Fast digital signal processing


    Unique algorithm


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