Industrial Electronics

Optimise your process with a customised automation application from SENSOTEC

This was the origin of Sensotec - and is still our absolute core competence today:
Sensor-based control technology for automation applications - mostly needed to optimise industrial processes.

Hardware Sensors
Circuit boards Application consulting
Product Development  

Hardware development

Hardware according to your needs

As a service provider, we take over the design and development of industrial electronics for you - in close coordination with you.

Our core competence lies above all in sophisticated evaluation electronics.

Contract development is based on your needs: from complete systems to partial systems. We take on exactly what you need.
Our spectrum includes the design of electronic assemblies, product development, the production of prototypes, small series or large series - also high-quality SMD assembly by hand for individual production and very small series. Depending on requirements and scope, either in-house or in cooperation with proven partners.

In addition to our core competence in the development of sophisticated evaluation electronics, you can expect the following from us:

  •     Direct communication with developers
  •     High-performance and transparent project management
  •     Full cost control
  •     High quality products
  •     Made in Germany
  •     and much more


We keep your "old" machines and Equipment alive

Machines and equipment in industry are usually reliable in use for years and decades. If something fails after a long time, there are often problems with the repair: regardless of whether the manufacturer no longer exists or the required spare parts are no longer available - it often comes down to a new purchase.

A good mechanic can rebuild mechanical parts. But if the fault is in the electronics, the saying has been around for decades: you can only replace it completely.

Repair is more economical and sustainable than a new purchase. We provide this service - as "old hands" who are still at home in several generations of technology.

Circuits, assemblies and circuit boards - we look for the fault and fix it. In the classic way.

A matter of course for us in a world of sustainability. And cheaper and faster for you.

Failure in the electronics and/or several components? - We take care of the matter, look for solutions, evaluate and take over the repair, if still feasible.

To keep your business running: send us defective assemblies with a description of the fault and we will give you feedback on a possible repair or an alternative component.

Depending on the cause, we repair or replace the electronic assemblies.