SENSOTEC - optoelektronische Systeme GmbH



As an internationally recognised and well-known manufacturer of intelligent system solutions for industrial applications in automation technology and industrial electronics, we are on the spot when safety, process stability, precision and efficiency are crucial.

Our claim "TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS WITH SENSE" is our signpost to the industrial future 4.0. It reflects our aspiration to rethink technical solutions in a meaningful way. Particularly in the area of sensor applications, to broaden the view and to approach our customers' questions in an innovative way.

From the initial idea to the prototype to the series product, from commissioning to lifetime service, we provide our customers with competent support.

Our intelligent solutions control, secure and optimise workflows and processes and create the conditions for sustainable production with technologies at the state of the art.

To achieve this, we research, develop and produce with the claim "Made in Germany", conceived in Braunschweig.

SENSOTEC - a brief introduction

Founded in 1989 in Braunschweig as an owner-managed company with a focus on engineer to order in automation technology and industrial electronics.

1990: First solutions for the demanding printing of labels, development of register control.

Consistent further development of this technology into a self-sufficient system - Sensotec becomes the leading supplier of register controls in label printing.

2020: Thomas Galda takes over the management. The graduate engineer for mechatronics, robotics and automation technology focuses on the company's competence in engineer to order in addition to register control.

From this ability and the claim to create social added value, he drives the development of the new product SeVifree, a system for cash desk conveyor disinfection.

Optimisation of the proven register control systems and new developments for label printing.

In addition to the business field of register control, Sensotec remains a service provider specialising in circuit board development and the realisation of sensor applications.