SENSOTEC Register Control


is the internal designation of our well-known SENSOTEC register control, which is used in many machines worldwide.
It consists of a control cabinet with touch panel, the reading units (Scanning Amplifier - LE) and the light reflection scanners (Scanner Heads with Lens).
Numerous types of machines can be equipped with this control system, and we can also fully equip or expand existing machines. Please ask for your individual offer.


Scanning Module

is only used in one particular type of machine, the Gallus RCS machines.
They represent the entire control loop of a register control system and transmit rotation adjustment commands to the machine. Gallus provides the associated software at the machine's operating terminal.


is our new monitor extension kit for our RESCON system described above. Based on feedback from customers, we have developed an extension that makes it possible to operate another touch panel on the register control. This offers significant advantages such as:

  • redundancy: if one monitor fails, you can continue to work with the other, so you can continue to operate your register control and prevent production downtimes or costly changeover times for jobs that can be run without register control.
  • information and operation at the place of action: take the touch panel with you to the place where you are currently working, be it for
    • set-up procedures,
    • run-up the job, with direct access to your reading quality and the ability to track changes directly.

Particularly interesting if you are running high demanding jobs where defocusing of the read heads can be important to prevent over- or under-steering of the scanning amplifiers and to achieve a high quality read and finally optimal control of your job.

  • save time and personnel; if you used to have to work in a team of two during fine adjustment, you can now carry out the fine adjustment yourself without any further assistance
  • save waste by being able to react faster, as you can individually design the point of intervention in the register control.

UVC - Surface, object and ambient air disinfection

In line with our claim to use only high-quality components, we chose cold cathode lamps from Stanley Electric Co. for our UVC applications. The Japanese company, which has been in existence for over 100 years, is known for its sophisticated solutions in the field of lighting technology.

If you would like to realise your own application with the unbeatable advantages of this technology, you have arrived at the right place.
We have directly available stocks of a large number of UVC-CC lamps of the type UW/9F259/9 as well as the corresponding inverters of the type UVI/K0027A with ready to use plug-in connection cables.

You can find the corresponding data sheets here:

Stanley UV-C-CCL UW/9F259/9

Stanley UV-C-CCL-Inverter UVI/K0027A

SeVifree - Checkout conveyor disinfection system

System for installation or mounting on the checkout conveyors

When shopping at the checkout, every single item is touched again and ends up on the treadmill. Sometimes something spills or crumbles out of the package. Goods from the refrigerated shelves leave condensation behind. Fresh fruit or vegetables can leave spores and microorganisms on the conveyor belt.

In this way, the conveyor belt easily becomes a carrier of pathogens. However, hygiene on the conveyor belt during operation is time-consuming and difficult to ensure.

Even if the staff could disinfect the treadmill after each customer, the effect would not be certain. This is because pathogens can easily spread further during wiping. And residual moisture from the disinfectant can provide new breeding grounds for microorganisms.