Industrial Electronics

Optimise your process with a customised automation application from SENSOTEC

That was the origin of Sensotec - and remains our absolute core competence to this day: Increase the efficiency of your industrial processes with customized automation applications from SENSOTEC.

As a leading expert in sensor-based control and regulation technology, we have specialized in optimizing industrial processes since our inception. Our tailored solutions help you optimize your production processes and increase your performance. With our expertise and many years of experience in industrial electronics, we are the reliable partner at your side. Trust in SENSOTEC to optimize your processes and achieve your goals.

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Hardware development

Hardware according to your needs

As an experienced service company, we specialize in the customized design and development of industrial electronics, in close coordination with your requirements and needs.

Our core competence lies above all in sophisticated evaluation electronics.

We specialize in sophisticated evaluation electronics and offer you a wide range of services, ranging from the design of electronic assemblies to the production of prototypes, small and large series. We place great importance on the use of high-quality components and materials, as well as on precise, hand-assembled SMD production for individual and small series production. Depending on the scope and requirements, production takes place in our own facilities or in close cooperation with proven partners.

In addition to our core competence in contract development of sophisticated evaluation electronics, you can expect the following from us:

  •     Direct communication with developers
  •     High-performance and transparent project management
  •     Full cost control
  •     High quality products
  •     Made in Germany
  •     and much more


We keep your "old" machines and Equipment alive

As an experienced company, we are aware of the challenges that come with maintaining and repairing industrial machines and equipment. We understand that these machines and equipment are the backbone of your business and downtime can be costly. That is why we offer our services to ensure that your "old" machines and equipment stay alive.

We believe that repairing is often more economical and sustainable than buying new. As experts in multiple technology generations, we are able to repair the electronics of your machines and equipment and bring them back into operation. Our team of qualified professionals works hard to identify and solve the root cause of problems to ensure that your operations run smoothly.

We are proud that we can solve even difficult problems and use our knowledge and experience to find alternative solutions when repair is not possible. We work quickly and efficiently to minimize the downtime of your machines and equipment, saving you time and money.

Our customers appreciate our professional approach and our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We are proud to work with you to ensure that your machines and equipment remain in perfect condition and function smoothly.

So if you are looking for a reliable and experienced partner who can repair and maintain your industrial machines and equipment, then you have come to the right place. Simply send us your defective components with a description of the problem, and we will provide you with feedback on possible repair or alternative solutions.