Surface, object and ambient air disinfection

Normal hand disinfection is no longer sufficient for many people these days. Germs, spores... etc. are found on surfaces and in the air and are transmitted to us every day in the most diverse situations.

Our immune system successfully fights off a large part of them. However, wherever an increasing number of people come together, our immune system sometimes reaches its limits. For example, in supermarkets, department stores, city centres, companies, canteens, schools. UVC disinfection systems are useful solutions for reducing the germ load.

We develop and offer solutions for dry disinfection of surfaces, objects and the room air by UVC radiation.

Products & Services

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Our products:

Our services:

  • Design and development of
    • UVC applications including in-house development of necessary hardware and software for
      • Surface disinfection
      • Object disinfection
      • Ambient air disinfection
  • Measurement and evaluation of UVC radiation parameters with high-quality measuring systems
    • of UVC radiation
    • of UVC light sources
    • UVC dose measurement
    • detection of UVC surface disinfection

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Checkout conveyor disinfection system

SeVifree - SENSOTEC Virus free

With SeVifree for the disinfection of checkout conveyors using UVC technology, SENSOTEC broke new and innovative ground in 2020, opening up a new business field.
In the meantime, this solution is partly used in supermarkets. Surveys show that the increased security in a hotspot of contagion is gratefully accepted by society. You can find more information under the following link:

UVC solar hygiene case

Object disinfection in every life situation

In addition to simple disinfection boxes for disinfecting everyday objects, SENSOTEC now also offers a mobile solution that is also suitable for use in crisis areas thanks to its robustness and self-sufficiency. 

This disinfection case, which also uses UVC light to disinfect objects, has been specially developed for use in situations where fast and effective disinfection is required. 

Examples include the following target groups:  

  • Doctors without Borders,
  • Red Cross,
  • THW,
  • Armed Forces
  • and similar institutions that require self-sufficient disinfection options under adverse conditions. 

Also ideal for use at incoming and outgoing goods, at picking and dispatch areas, in material distribution areas, etc.
Shared everyday work objects such as smartphones, radios, keys, tools, machines, hand scanners, DECT handsets, keyboards, etc., as well as in the piercing and tattoo sector
Suitable for cleaning wired objects such as hand-held scanners


Key Features

Photovoltaic modules mounted on the top of the case ensure a permanent and independent power supply. Alternatively, the device can also be operated via mains plug. The performance, durability and robustness of the system is mainly determined by the UVC tube technology used. This enables high disinfection performance with short operating times. The high switching stability of the tubes makes it possible to carry out disinfections in quick succession without damaging the system components or causing a premature loss of performance. The UVC sensors in the case always guarantee precise dosing of UVC radiation. A timer can also be used as an option. With a full mirror coating and special UVC-permeable glass, we ensure 360┬░ disinfection in a single operation. This means that objects do not have to be repositioned to ensure complete disinfection. A redundant safety circuit protects the operator from injury and the system from incorrect operation and destruction. The safety functions are supported by visual and optional acoustic signals.